EUniCult - Fostering the Communication of Cultural Competencies

EUniCult is committed to the idea that a plurality of cultural approaches is essential to European unity. The university as a place of knowledge production, knowledge communication, and knowledge acquisition has a crucial role to play in this context. The universitites that have joined forces in the EUniCult network are thus working to pursue the following objectives:

• to establish a framework delineating pioneering programs and methods designed to develop the cultural and social skills required in the modern world;

• to propose ways of forging links between science, everyday working life, and personal experiences; and

• to help to ensure that human self-education and self-improvement continues to keep pace with the growth of knowledge production.

Without question, it is vital that the universities see themselves as practically oriented, efficient places of teaching and research, and are thus able to train bright young minds to meet societies' needs, providing them with the competencies required in the global knowledge society. However, it is also important, particularly in these times of rationalized programs and conditions of study, that the value of human self-education and self-improvement as well as all-round cultural competencies not be overlooked. Education is more than the transfer of knowledge, a practical orientation, or the cultivation of bodies of knowledge. The aim of EUniCult is not to re-cultivate structures of academic training in the old European tradition, but to identify and develop relevant methods, approaches, and thematic areas, thus mapping out routes to an academic educational landscape that - beyond elitist aspirations and ivory towers - is both in keeping with the times and specific to Europe.

Please find our brochure here (136 KB, German-English).