EUniCult News

Testing teaching modules

The first phase of the Eunicult-agenda – conceptual design and planning – has been completed.

For now, „blueprints“ of teaching modules are being developed, which each participating university should be able to adjust according to its own needs and capabilities. During the second project phase, these module-outlines will be tested and implemented into the participating institutions’ curricula.



Freie Universität Berlin, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and Universität Erfurt have agreed on an "E-learning"-inititative, the development of internet based platforms allowing students and teacher the joint development, exchange and adaptation of teaching material.

The aim is thus to promote easily accessible and cost-efficient courses in general education, introductory courses and the familiarization with interdisciplinarity. In combination with more traditional teaching methods ("blended learning") this is also meant to simplify communication and interaction across locations for students of different cooperating institutions.